Sheldon Slinkard: Executive Director

Sheldon is the Executive Director of Pentacles of Pride Int. a nonprofit organization. It’s mission is to promote Pagan Pride and education worldwide by offering free pentacles upon any request.
He is also the author of “The Lythia Tradition of Paganism and Witchcraft” an introduction to an ancient path. Sheldon is a PhD candidate at the University of Central Arkansas specializing in Leadership Studies: Higher Education Administration.

In his spare time you will see Sheldon taking long runs on the limited streets of Conway, enjoying a dry white wine, and making to-do lists. “My poor whiteboard will never forgive me for all the checks it has seen in its day.”

Ashley Hunter: Vice Executive Director

Ashley Nicole Hunter is an author, scribbler of poetry, and would-be urban farmer living near downtown Conway in a converted church. She dwells there with her husband, three dogs, one cat, and the occasional extended-stay guest. Ashley is a lover of purple, of dusty books and badgers and moon-lit nights, and most especially of midnight margaritas. She has been a practicing Pagan for more years than she has fingers and eagerly anticipates the day when she can include her toes in that number. Her ambitions include building a temple to the gods, a free cemetery-grove for the Pagan community, a food park for Conway, and tiny mobile houses for the homeless. Her wild hope is that the gods will grant her enough time to do it all.


Jeremy Hunter: Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy S. Hunter is a graduate of Ole Miss and a devout student of Classics and Latin. He is currently employed by the University of Central Arkansas where he spends his time sorting through old books, until such time that he goes home to sort through his own old books with his wife. He has been a practicing Pagan for many years, one for each gray hair, and anticipates being active in the community until they’re all white. It is Jeremy’s staunch belief that what the Pagans need are fewer drum circles and more trombones. He is unnervingly good at trivia games, and his interests include the works of H.P. Lovecraft, black and white movies, and jazz music.


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