Prints and Stamps

Printing Donations!

Have a Printer? Want to enrich the lives of Pagans everywhere? Check this out!

Printing and postage are our main concern at Pentacles of Pride! Our poor printers are crying for some help these days! As a way to relieve some printer stress, we are asking that Pentacles of Pride supporters take a moment and a bit of ink and print a few envelop enclosures.

These enclosures are companioned with all pentacles requested. So! Your support will be a double blessing to those receiving their pentacle. Click here to download the enclosure PDF.

Stamp Donations!

Check your wallets, coats, planners, and pants: We are looking for some stamps!

We also love getting stamps of all shapes and sizes. Shipping costs are the number one reason why our pentacles take more time to send out. If your would like to send us stamps either domestic (USA) or International we would be in your debt!

Send your blessings of prints and stamps to our address!

Pentacles of Pride

PO Box 581

Conway, AR 72033


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